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Best Toys for 4 Year Old Girls

Toys for four-year-old girls can range from building materials to interactive games. Magnetic tiles come in different colors, and when placed together, they stick together

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Most Popular PC Games for Kids 2022

There are many popular PC games for kids, but which ones are worth spending time on? These games are fun and educational for both kids and adults. Some of the most popular games for kids involve building cities and battling monsters. Others, like Minecraft, are more like simulations. But no matter which type of game […]

Is an Oculus Worth the Investment?

While Oculus VR is a Facebook subsidiary, the company has been investing in VR technology since its early days. Its Rift head mounted display offers a full field of view, stereoscopic 3D, and a low latency experience. The company is also backed by big-shot CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who invested millions of dollars into the technology. […]

How to Teach Kids to Code

The first step to teach kids to code is by selecting a coding language. Smalltalk is the easiest object-oriented language to learn. It lets you build games and other fun things, such as computer software. Instead of learning language and syntax, a child should focus on logic building, which is crucial to learning programming. By […]

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