Should You Still Buy Lego For Kids?

If you have a child who loves to play with Lego, you know that it’s good for their brain development. The plastic bricks are 9.6 millimeters tall and made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. While you can tear them up easily, your child’s brain is not as active as that of a grownup. The good news […]

Best Toys for 4 Year Old Girls

Toys for four-year-old girls can range from building materials to interactive games. Magnetic tiles come in different colors, and when placed together, they stick together to build flat or three-dimensional structures. These toys encourage creativity, and they also teach children practical skills like handwriting and tying a laces. The fun and endless possibilities of these […]

Best Dinosaur Action Figure Toys

This Dinosaur action figure is a perfect choice for any child. These toys are designed for children of all ages and feature realistic sculpting and decoration. Designed for children three and up, these toys are incredibly lifelike and have movable joints and lights. They come in six different assortments, each of which has its own […]

Is an American Girl Doll Worth the Investment?

If you are considering buying a second-hand American Girl doll, it is imperative to know the value of the item. This means knowing the features and condition of your doll, as well as the demand for each item. If you are unsure of what a particular item is worth, check out Curt Danhauser’s website. These […]

Most Popular Marvel Action Figure Toys for Boys

From the Avengers to the Fantastic Four, Marvel action figure toys for boys make it possible for kids to become their favorite characters. The Wolverine is a comic book favorite who is now a toy. With his classic costume and super strength, he’s sure to become your son’s favorite superhero. In fact, some of these […]

Best Board Games For Kids Who Can’t Read

Board games for kids who can’t read are a great way to develop creative thinking. Guess the card is one of the most popular games for kids with no reading skills. Players take turns shuffled cards and attempting to guess a picture. When they guess correctly, they win! You can use generic or specific cards […]

Most Popular PC Games for Kids 2022

There are many popular PC games for kids, but which ones are worth spending time on? These games are fun and educational for both kids and adults. Some of the most popular games for kids involve building cities and battling monsters. Others, like Minecraft, are more like simulations. But no matter which type of game […]

Is an Oculus Worth the Investment?

While Oculus VR is a Facebook subsidiary, the company has been investing in VR technology since its early days. Its Rift head mounted display offers a full field of view, stereoscopic 3D, and a low latency experience. The company is also backed by big-shot CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who invested millions of dollars into the technology. […]

How to Teach Kids to Code

The first step to teach kids to code is by selecting a coding language. Smalltalk is the easiest object-oriented language to learn. It lets you build games and other fun things, such as computer software. Instead of learning language and syntax, a child should focus on logic building, which is crucial to learning programming. By […]

What are Sensory Toys?

Using sensory toys is a great way to encourage a child’s development, and they are especially useful for children who have difficulty focusing. Sensory mats are small, durable mats that have a variety of textures, such as wood and cotton. Children can touch and play with the textures, and can even close their eyes and […]

Benefits of Kids Playing Video Games

One of the most popular video game benefits is improved peripheral vision, which is crucial for safe driving. However, playing too much video game time can negatively affect eyesight, so it is important to limit screen time for best results. The benefits of playing video games are far more diverse than some people may think. […]

Best Educational Toys for Kids Under 7

Educational toys for toddlers and preschoolers are the perfect way to engage and educate your child. These toys will help your child learn math, science, and social skills. They will also develop their hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. Many of these toys also help your child develop their emotional intelligence. Your child will learn […]