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We are a team of technology and gaming enthusiasts sharing our experiences with you.

After encountering a number of expensive games or pieces of gaming equipment that definitely wasn’t worth the money, i decded to create a platform where true enthusiast could share their real life experiences. 

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We have created over 10,000 reviews of toys, games and technology.



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We have a growing team of 30 authors now who all contribute to ToyBender.



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We have grown to over 1000 visitors everyday who come to see our latest news and reviews.

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Although we refer to ourselves as tech enthusiasts, we are just average people so our reviews and advice is always relatable, achievable and understandable. 

I’m Jimmy, the founder of ToyBender. After years of being called a nerd in school, i wanted somewhere i could freely talk about my technology and gaming passion without being judged – so there came my blog.

Since then, i have travelled to some of the biggest gaming events in the world and met some really cool people. But the best part has been watching this blog and my team grow. 

I’m so proud of the fact we now have such a dedicated readership and an amazing team of people who share my passions. 

When i’m not trialling the latest game or writing something new for the blog, you’ll find me in the park with my dog Jane or in the pub with my friends enjoying a pale ale. 

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as i do!

Jim Simbear
Toy Bender

A blog about toys, games and everything else that brings fun to our lives. We are an affiliate website so may earn commission on products featured. 

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